Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neon Tetra Farming

Tim and I did the math.  Greeny Aquaculture produces around 62,000 Neon Tetras per day.  They spawn over 1500 pairs every day.

Neon Tetra fry in the breeding tank.

Rows of breeding tanks prepped and ready for the next batch.

The eggs and fry are highly light sensitive.

The racks under cover.

THe fry are transfered to these boxes where they will be in the dark for another 2 weeks.  From here they go to small ponds for another 3 weeks.

The fry eventually make it to the large ponds to grow out for the final 4 weeks before being sorted and prepared to be shipped.


Anonymous said...

I am really curious, dont they use filters or something to provide o2 in the breeding tank but just a plastic container in the tank.

Unknown said...

hi eric,
what do you feed the fry in such vast numbers?I AM a breeder with a fish farm in India.I have been breeding cichlids and live bearers and plan to breed tetras but stopped short due to feeding fry problem cannot get/culture infusoria in continuous supply.kindly help me out
amal pendse

Unknown said...

Hi Eric
Give me your email